Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lola Alert

Hi everyone!
Quick post for you tonight...totally non-craft related.  This one is all about Lola!  If you have been stopping by my blog for any length of time, you have probably "met" Lola by now.  If you haven't...Lola is my 4 month old Yorkie that I received for Christmas.  She is a spoiled rotten, 5 pound bundle of energy!

We finally have completed her shots (wow...that takes forever) and decided it was time for her first...gulp...grooming session!  My little girl is growing up!  So, here's a photo of her right before we headed to the groomers....

Adorable...or what?  But, you can't even see her eyes and all that hair is a pain to keep brushed!

And here she is a few hours later....

Can we all just say .....aawwww?  The groomer said she did a wonderful job!  I have discovered that puppies are a lot like kids in that they behave soooo much better for other people!

My hubby is not fond of the bow, but I ♥ it!

I'm still not used to seeing her this way...she looks a bit naked to me....

I'm thinking she may have lost a couple of pounds at the groomers!
Ok, just had a to share a milestone in Miss Lola's life with you guys!  Going to run now and snuggle with her while she still smells so sweet from all the goodies they used on her!

Until next time,


  1. So cute!

  2. Aww she's so cure, my hubby never liked the bow either so Daizy is not trained to wear one.��

  3. She is SO CUTE! I had Glitch, our wonderful miniature schnauzer, for years. We lost him a couple of years ago, but I know what you mean about the grooming. When he was first brought home, I loaded him in the car and took him to the groomer's everyday (that they were open) for 3 weeks and then got his first groom. Over the 14 years, we had to take him to several different groomers and they all said that he was the most well behaved they had every seen. I think it was because of taking him so much. They put him on the table, in the little leash and brushed and loved on him everyday. He became so comfortable with them. I really miss that sometimes. The Chihuahuas are a totally different story because we do them ourselves. Hee! Hee! Boy! Can they throw a FIT!!!

  4. I want one! Absolutely adorable:)
    Sherrie K

  5. Aweeeee she's sooooo precious!!! and the "perfect" haircut for spring! :)
    My Aunt has 2 Yorkie's and I just love them! We have a Pom-Chi :)
    Lola is Adorable!! :)

  6. She's so cute. I had a miniature schnauzer for over 14 years (died last year) and she always hated to be groomed. I had to give her a tranquilizer every time. I miss her.

  7. Aw... she looks so tiny now! How sweet!

  8. She is totally adorable...hairy and not so hairy!

  9. What fun! Pictures of her first haircut! She is definitely high on the Wow Factor scale! :0) Thank you for sharing this special moment in Lola's life!

  10. She is adorable, I bet she never gets in trouble...haha!

  11. She is so so precious!!! My Mom raises Yorkies. Check out her website when you get a chance.
    I so love to hear your stories and see your latest photos of Lola!! :)

  12. OMGoodness Tanya!!! Lola is adorable!!! I have a 9 year old minature Yorkie who is less than 5 pounds...she is our pride & joy!! Your picture of Lola before going to the groomers is what my Shelbi looks like all the time! :) I like her with longer hair, as the times we have gotten her hair cut, I feel the same way...that she is naked. Love the pic's of Lola!!!

  13. Tanya,
    Awwww, is right!! What a precious little face it that, you just want to kiss it!! I have a 4 year old yorkie mix that we rescued a few years ago, she is spoiled dog #3!!! Thanks for sharing this special moment with us!!

  14. Awe... I LOVE Lola!!! She's just too precious. My grams raised me and we always had Yorkies. They are very smart little loves.
    Ps... It's so sweet how she picked the # for the drawing too :):):)
    Happy Thanksgiving, Tanya!


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