Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Postcards From Santa

Hello everyone and welcome!
I have some great news to share with you today.  You may have read that I was supposed to have Jury Duty this week (great timing, right?).  Well, I got to the courthouse bright and early yesterday morning along with about 150 other fine folks from our county.  I sat through roll call and the swearing in process then the judge asked anyone with a reason to be excused to come forward and speak with him.  All that took about an hour or so. After he excused a few people, he went over the next steps. Those of us who remained were in a group to be chosen for 2 Grand Juries.  They were each going to be going on for a several weeks with breaks in between, lasting around 3 months.  NOT what I wanted to hear!  All of our names literally went into the pot (in this case a Christmas cookie tin, I kid you not)!  Then the judge pulled out 18 names...mine not included for the first set of jurors.  When he got ready to pull out the second set of names, I started counting with him!  When he pulled out the 18th name and mine was not included, I wanted to kiss him (contempt of court maybe?)!  He then thanked the rest of us and sent us on our way!  You should have seen all of us making for the door just in case he changed his mind!  I was back home by 10:30....yay!

So...back to crafting, decorating and getting ready for Christmas.  I still have the stitches in my finger for a few more days, but it is getting easier and easier to work with...thank you Lord!  Today, I want to share some fun Christmas tags I made for my grands....

(click on photo to enlarge)

* Tag base - Spellbinders "Labels 17"
* Post card stamp is from Lawn Fawn's set "You've Got Mail"
* North Pole cancellation stamp is from "Ditto"
* Santa is from the Cricut cart "Doodlecharms" cut at 2 inches

*Santa's beard and fur got a sprinkle of Martha Stewart Glitter

* I used some fun twine from "Trendy Twine" to hang my tags

* My stitching lines and hand writing is still a bit "wonky" with these stitches in my hand - but it's getting better!

Ok, that's it for today.  I need to go get busy on my next project. I am so happy to be in my craft corner listening to Christmas music and working on gifts instead of being stuck in the court house!  See you soon....

Until next time,


  1. SO very glad you got out of jury duty!!! And I love these post cards....so stinkin' cute!!

  2. These are so gorgeous love the santa he is so adorable and the layout is beautiful. Caroline xxx

  3. Glad you are back & not at jury duty.:)
    Adorable Tags!!Love them all!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday,

  4. I love love love these tags. I need to find a postcard stamp now. Good thing I'm going to the craft store after work!

  5. So glad you are in your craft corner instead of the courthouse, too!!! I so love your darling tags. The Santa is great. Love the glittery beard and hat trim. Wonderful post mark. And I love the shape!!! :)

  6. I don't know if I should be congratulating you on getting out of jury duty...but I am!! I know how you feel...my last call, my number didn't get picked and I was so flipping happy!! Civic duty and all, but I have a hard time judging other people :/

    These are the most adorable tags!! Santa is so cute!! I love his sparkly beard!! Have a great evening :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. #1 great tags!!!! #2 I'm so happy you missed jury duty!!! :)

  8. These are oh so cute! Lucky to have missed the jury. Yikes...seriously bad timing! Lee-Ann :)

  9. These are so adorable, I love everything about them !! I still need to make tags for all my Christmas gifts , think I will try out the silhouette on a couple of them :) I am so happy you did not get stuck doing jury duty , Yuck !!! I hope I will never have to do that .

  10. Yippee for no jury duty and for more crafty time!!!!
    These tags are awesome!!!! LOVE the shape and the stamps and the CUTE santa with his glittery beard! I bet your grandkiddos will LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!!
    Awesome job and TFS!!

  11. Glad your hand is feeling better and no jury for you! The tags are darling:)

    My Mind's Dust Bunnies

  12. Super super cute - what a fabulous idea. I know we should all do our duty so to speak - but Jury duty! So glad you got away and that now you can concentrate on crafting and Christmas.

  13. These are really cute!!
    I think I heard your sigh of relief at not being chosen!! :)

  14. Oh yeah Tonya! I am so glad you didn't get picked for Jury Duty especially during the holidays. I have sat on it 2 times now..and one time was 2 weeks right before Christmas which was a bummer:( Anyway, glad to hear your off the hook!
    Your tags are so cute and just love the Santa and the fun MS glitter. Looks amazing!
    Sherrie K

  15. You must have had an angel on your shoulder. So glad the way it all worked out. I LOVE these tags. They are adorable. Perfect.

  16. Whew! Lucky you!!! I thought I was the only one that dreaded jury duty enough to kiss the judge when I didn't get picked! LOL!!

    Beautiful tags! So pretty Tanya! And that finger has slowed you down one bit! Lovely projects as always. Take care of that finger Hun!


  17. super cute post cards


  18. Tanya ~ YEAh for the famous Christmas tin!!! So excited for you! I can't even imagine serving that long ~ oh those poor people who will have to serve that long!! Well aren't these the CUTEST little tags ~ EVER!! I LOVE that you used the Spell Binders too! Oh this is so funny becasue I was just looking at that Santa on that cartridge!! LOL!! I ADORE him and what you did with him and these tags!! Happy Wednesday!


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