Sunday, February 24, 2013

WD-40 and Duct Tape.....

Hello everyone -thanks for stopping by today!
Have you even looked at a stamp for the first time and just immediately knew what you were going to create with it?  Well, when our Peachy Queen, Kathy, shared the Made on Planet Earth stamp set with the Design Team, I knew exactly what to do with one sentiment in particular....

(click on photo to enlarge)

So, how many of you have a Daddy or a hubby who can fix "all things" with either WD-40 and/or Duct Tape?  Let me tell you, those were 2 things my Daddy was never without -especially the Duct Tape!  We used to give him such grief over the fact that he thought anything could be fixed with a roll of Duct Tape.  Today happens to mark the 6 year anniversary of my sweet Daddy's passing and I wish with all my heart that he were still with us so that I could give him this card. He had the best sense of humor and I know he would get such a kick out of this card!  I can just see that goofy little grin of his and imagine that wonderful laugh of his!

So, before I get too mushy, let me tell you how I put this one together:

*The fun, printed papers are from the "Monsters and Robots" paper stack by Recollections
* I used the Spellbinders die "Small Deckled Rectangles" for the small mat
* The WD-40 can is actually an SVG file of a hairspray can that I re-vamped.  I googled WD-40 to find out what colors to use and went from there!
* My banners were cut from cardstock then covered with duct tape
*I stamped my sentiment on cardstock then layered it onto more cardstock covered with duct tape
*A few silver brads added to the metallic look of this card

And, here's a pic of my Daddy "back in the day".  Good lookin' fella, huh?

Hervey Delano Williams
December 24, 1936 - February 24, 2007

Today's post is no way meant to be sad.  My Daddy was truly one of a kind and the first man I ever loved. He taught me many wonderful life lessons in the way he lived his life and I will always be honored to be called his daughter.  I know that he is pain-free and sitting at the feet of his Lord, waiting for his family to join him again one day and that makes me smile.  So....thanks for joining me today for my kinda funny/happy/mushy post and I'll be seeing you soon....

Until next time,


  1. Tanya, I just know your dad would LOVE this !! He is heavens handyman :) I just adore this card the colors are just so fun and YES that sentiment is just perfect !! What would he do if he knew that they now make sprayable duct tape !? He would be fixing things like Crazy !! I hope you are having a great weekend ! Thank you for sharing this Awesome card with us !!!

  2. Morning Tanya~
    I agree with Brianna~your daddy would LOVE this!!
    What a GREAT card, perfect cuts and LOVE all the duct tape!!!!
    Such a GREAT card!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday!

  3. Really great card!! Love that stamp! Yep, I agree with Brianna, he'd be on a roll with sprayable duct tape!


  4. Tanya, I love the card.It fits your daddy to the t.You did a wonderful job in your words of daddy,I miss him still so much.Thank you for what you you

  5. Wow Tanya, your father was a very handsome man. He may not be here to physically to receive the card , but I'm sure he is still enjoying it.

    Love the whole card way to cute and would be a great design for most men.

    Have a great day.
    Hugs Nana
    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥

  6. I agree with the others - your Daddy would have loved this card!! It is fabulous!! I love how you used the duct tape!! The papers are perfect, too!! And the WD-40 is awesome!! Your Dad was a very handsome man!! I'm sure he is enjoying this card from Heaven :)

    Hugs, Lisa
    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. I know everyone else has already said it but I agree your lovely dad will be grinning away at this one.
    Fab,fab card Tanya.
    Jayne x

  8. Your dad is enjoying this card and smiling down at you.Its a Fun & Awesome card!!Could you see him now with all the colorful duct tape that there is and the amazing things that he would create with it..LOL!he would probably have his own Blog...LOL!My grandfather had a thing that any pain would go away with Panadol..LOL!Just to laugh a little the family would always ask him,"Grandpa,"what would be good for allergies?"....we knew it wasn't panadol but we wait on his response just to laugh and he woud say "Panadol"...LOL..Its was hysterical.
    Thank you for such a wonderful and joyful post.
    Love it!
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Awww....what a sweet post. Your card is a hoot...and your Dad's pix is handsome. Hugs to you, my friend. You are so thoughtful. Your Dad did a good job.

  10. Tanya, your Dad is probably laughing and smiling at this adorable card! I think it's just terrific.
    I think you and I could have some belly laughs about these two items - my Grandpa practically slept with them. I'm pretty sure every item in his house had been touched by wd40, duct tape, or windex. This post put a great big smile on my face :)
    Thanks Tanya!

  11. Terrific card. My dad used WD-40 for everything. I lost him in '04. He would have loved this card, too.

  12. Aw Tanya.... Big Hugs. Love this card and I bet your dad would too!! So creative!

  13. Your card is totally perfect Tanya!! A wonderful honor to the memory of you Dad!!! He's smiling down at you, I'm sure.
    I so love it!! :)

  14. I love this idea. What a wonderful man and he raised a beautiful woman, inside and out! Hugs!

  15. This card is fantastic!! I'm sure your dad would have loved it! Thanks for sharing your story about him!

  16. I'm so sorry to read about the passing of your father but am thrilled to know that he was such a blessing to you as you were growing up. I'm sure he would have loved his card. The timing of the stamp release was perfect for you to create this to celebrate your dad. I do believe that's God's way of of extending his arms of love to you. xox

    Your card is fun and made me laugh!

  17. Tanya ~ I will address your card first! Hahahaha this is WONDERFUL, FUNNY and over the top CUTE!!! your dad saw this sweet Tanya ~ no doubt in my mind! He sounds like such an AMAZING man! I so can relate about our daddy's too! Mine will be gone 3 years this year! Miss him EVERY single day! First man I ever loved just like you!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and sharing your daddy with us! He was a handsome man!!!

  18. How wonderful! Your Daddy has a big smile on his face by you honoring his memory in this world with such a wonderful card! It's always a good day when you can make someone you know is waiting in heaven smile. That's a really good day!


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