Monday, April 16, 2012

Emma's Waterfall

Hello everyone!
I hope your weekend has been wonderful.  Mine has been really busy.  I have so many projects going on around my house that I don't know what to work on next!  Our VBS project is getting closer and closer to being finished and I will have pictures for you soon.  I have yard work started, but no where near being completed.  My kitchen is a mess..VBS projects all over the counter-tops.  My refrigerator and freezer doors are standing wide open because last week the fridge went out.  And, of course, the part was not in stock and had to be ordered.  So, the guy said to take everything out and leave the doors open so that the fridge would not develop "a smell"...nice, huh?  And I won't even go into the details about how badly my floors need to be vacuumed or how high the laundry is stacked up....sigh...

All that to say, I don't have a card to share with you today.  However....I did manage to complete one very, very important project last week!  You may read in an earlier post that my granddaughter, Emma asked me to help her out with a school project recently.  She is in the first grade this year and had to complete a project on any type of "land form".  Well, my sweet girl choose a waterfall.  It took us a couple of afternoons to put it together (could have been faster if we had left out the snacking and giggles, but not nearly as much fun)!  I had to keep reminding myself the whole time....this is EMMA'S project.....this is EMMA'S project....let her do most of the work...let her have some input.  Anyway, we were both pretty happy with the results.

So, we started with a shoe box and turned that into our "waterfall".  Emma started covering the sides with rolled up balls of green tissue paper...

We added some clear cellophane paper down the center for the water and later added a layer of blue cellophane.  Still covering those sides....

We needed some "boulders" for the sides of our mountain, but all I had on hand were white rocks from a flower bed.  So...guess what you can do with Tim Holtz Distress Stains?  That's can stain rocks!  Worked like a charm...

The rocks were stained, everything was set into a bigger shoe box and glued within an inch of it's life and this is our finished project...

So...she looks pretty pleased with her artwork, don't ya think!!

Oh...before I go...I have a little sneak peek for you on the VBS set...

(we're getting there!)

  Sometimes I tend to get a bit selfish with "my time" when I get involved in other projects. I start thinking about all the things I've planned to work on and that "new technique" that I want to try out.  I have to stop and remind myself how important it is to share my "craftiness" and that when it is all said and done, it really isn't "my time" after all.  It's time that God has allowed me and I need to make the best use of it that I possibly can.  Spending time crafting with Emma was a joy once I reminded myself that everything else could wait.  I know that it won't be much longer until she no longer needs help from her Nonna on school projects. And while this VBS set is taking countless hours to put together, I know that the kids are just going to love it and that I am blessed to be able to help in this way.  So, again, I remind myself....other projects can wait...relax and enjoy this time....don't wish it away!

So, I didn't have a card to share with you today.  But, I thank you for letting me share a couple of projects that are near and dear to my heart.  As always, I thank you so much for stopping by!

Until next time,


  1. OH WOW!!! WOW!!!! Let's start with Emma's Project! It turned out BEAUTIFUL! She looks sooo CUTE & PROUD of her work and you're an AWESOME Nonna for helping her with this! The best part about your project with her was the giggles you 2 shared! :o) Now with the VBS Project!!! OMHECK!!!! It looks AMAZING!!!! The first words out of my mouth were WOW! And BEAUTIFUL! Seriously.... It truly looks amazing and you really do have a gift to share! I know it's a ton of work on your part but the church is very blessed to have you helping them.... The kids are soooo gonna love this!
    I'm very sorry to hear about your fridge... :(
    I hope it gets fix super quick for ya.... Trying to take it easy this week! :o)

  2. What a great way to start my morning. The waterfall turned out fabulous, and Babylon is going to be better than the original. What a cute and inspiring post....after I let myself forget about your laundry and fridge and yard work, which can all wait. You got it absolutely correct today, my friend.

  3. I don't know about anyone else, but I loved what you shared today. I think that was way more important. And you can make 2 cards another

  4. Oh sorry, I forgot to add that I think the waterfall turned out wonderful too.

  5. Beautiful waterfall!!!
    Your VBS set is AMAZING!!! The church folk may not realize what a blessing you are, but the Lord is keeping records if it is done for He glory!! :)

  6. Wow! You have been busy! The set is awesome and the waterfall project turned out great!

  7. Wow Tanya! That girl has some skills! When she has time to vacation in Branson, let me know. I need a new water feature in the front yard! This is fantastic!!! The set looks amazing too! Oh My Gosh! It's just wonderful!

  8. WOW Tanya...Omg, the VBS set is AMAZING and just GORGEOUS!!
    Your little Emma's project turned out perfect. Her waterfall is outstanding and how fun to create with Grandma:)
    Sherrie K


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