Friday, February 4, 2011

100 Days of School!

Good Afternoon!
I can't believe it but my granddaughter's kindergarten class is getting ready to celebrate

100 Days of School

It seems like such a short time ago that Emma was so excited about her first day of kindergarten and here we are, over half way through!  As part of the celebration each child was to create a poster with 100 of "something" on it.  After careful deliberation and much consideration and a few "what-to-dos"...this is what the crafting  team of Emma and Nonna came up with.....

How cute is that?  And the poster is cute too, huh?

We used Sweethearts for the bottom portion of the gumball machine and good ole' George for the gumballs.
Emma was cut out using the font on Paper Lace (which I looovve).

And just so you know...I did let Emma play....

Sometimes it's hard for me to share my toys!

Ok, before I more thing.....

Don't forget....

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge Blog

is having a Cricut Crawl this Monday, February 7th!

I hope you will join us HERE.

Ok...that's it for now.  Hope you have a wonderful, crafty kinda weekend!



  1. She looks so happy and proud of her project. Great job on your poster , Emma!!

  2. Great project...she looks very pleased with it! Our kids have to decorate a tee we used stamps and stamped the shirts 100 times...looks cute...and so easy! TFS!

    ~Sharon C.

  3. Oh Tanya.... your Granddughter is adorable! LOVE the project as well... great idea for the 100 count.... :o)

  4. She is adorable!!! Great idea for 100 day of school. We did a princess and 100 frogs. My daughter drew the princess for some reason she wouldn't let me cut one with the Cricut.

    Thanks for following my blog. :-)


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