Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's Almost Friday.....

Hello and welcome!
I had very good intentions of getting this post out first thing this morning.  Mother nature however, had other plans.  I suffer occasionally from weather-induced migraines.  I know, I know...sounds crazy, but my headaches are controlled by the barometer!  We had a crazy cold, rainy weather front that has been headed our way for the last couple of days and it hit me when I tried to get out bed this morning.  Dizzy, lightheaded, nausea, "screwdriver in the eye" pain...I'll spare you the rest of the details.  Anyway, it was pain meds and back to bed for me.  My headache finally broke about an hour ago and now it's 9:30 at night.....where did my day go?  Thankfully, I don't get these often, but when I's a doozy!

I'm so happy that I had everything ready for tomorrow because....tomorrow is another

Fantabulous Friday.

I hope you will join us at FCCB to see my posting for this week.  The challenge this week is

Support The Cause

While you are there, check out the projects the DT came up with for this challenge. They are all not only wonderful causes, but great projects also!  You still have time to join in on the challenge yourself!

Here's a little hint from tomorrow's post

I'm sure that you can guess the cause I chose...can you guess which cartridge I used?

Thanks for stopping by, drop me a comment if you have a minute!  And don't forget to visit me at FCCB!


1 comment:

  1. Sorry you weren't feeling up to par Tanya.... glad you started to get better... look forward to seeing this tease of a project! :o)


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