Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

I am so happy to have received this award from a fellow crafter!
Rae from Wahoo Crafts (who is seriously sweet) sent this to me today.
Not only is she sweet, she does beautiful work and you really need to stop by her blog for a visit.

The Liebster Love Blog Award is designed to recognize bloggers who have fewer than 300 followers, but put much love into their work.  To accept the award, I am to spread the love by recognizing up to five blogs whose work I follow and admire -- sort of a chain letter of love!
Now, this is no easy task as I follow many, many blogs and am constantly amazed by what I see.

I know that if you visit these ladies, you will understand why I passed this award on to them!
They are all very creative and I love to visit their blogs!

Thanks again Rae!

Until next time,




  1. Thank you so very very much! I am so honored!! :)

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! Thanks for visiting my blog, too! Thanks again!!!

  3. Tanya,
    congrats on your award

  4. Hi Tanya, thanks for recognizing me! I SO appreciate your kindness and the super nice comments you often leave me! Congrats on receiving the award yourself! :-)

    ~Sharon C.

  5. Congrats on your award..well deserved! I have a blog award for you! Just visit my blog to pick it up! Thanks for all your support!

  6. Thank you so much for the award. I am honored. Sorry it took me so long to respond though. With a new grandbaby I seem to keep running out of time for my blog, other than some posting. Thank you again, Cindy


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