Thursday, February 17, 2011

War Eagle.....

 Hello Everyone!
Hope it's been a good day for you.  I'e been lazy today and haven't accomplished much more than a couple loads of laundry and quick run-through on straightening up the house.
Oh Scarlett O'Hara would say....tomorrow is another day!

I did manage to sneak upstairs for an hour or so and get a card finished.
I had planned on making a card for the challenge at 365 Cards and was thinking about a design last night (when I should have been sleeping).  Then I heard all the news about the gorgeous,130 year old, oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn being poisoned by some loon!

It is tradition at Auburn University to roll these huge oak trees in toilet paper after a big football win.

As you can see, it's a really big deal!

You can read the story HERE about the disgruntled Alabama football fan who poisoned the trees...
what a jerk!

Anyway...all of that to explain this card for the challenge at 365 cards!

My son, his wife and my grandson live in Auburn and they are all, of course, huge Auburn Fans.
Blake, my cutie-pie grandson will celebrate his 2nd birthday in March.  I know this tree thing may not be a big deal to anyone that is not an Auburn football fan, but around here it is major news!
I decided to make an Auburn football themed card for Blake that his mom can keep and maybe put away with the newspaper clippings about all this craziness.  I think it will be something he will appreciate one day, when he is much older...especially if the trees don't make it. is the sketch for the challenge at 365 Cards...

And here is my card....

I used the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge from Cricut cutting the football at 2 inches.
I ran the brown portion of the football through my Cuttlebug using the Burlap folder from Sizzix.
A little ink and a few brads...and there you go....WAR EAGLE!

Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time,




  1. War Eagle Tanya!!!! I love your card, what a great idea...I think I will save the newspaper for my kids also...thanks for that great idea.

    This is a big deal, a tradition that may be no more. Did you hear they have made sapplings from these trees because they thought one day they may die?

    I am glad they have made an arrest. I really wish we could be supportive of each other, AU and AL.

    I was telling someone at work today, I bet people up North and out West have no idea what Toomer's means to AU fans. They don't live, eat and breath football like we do.

    Have a great was great to see this FIRST in my reading list!!!!

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's a shame that some loon decided to ruin a piece of this earth like that.... especially a really OLD tree that has been on this earth longer that him! GEEZ! On another note... your card is adorable! Very cute and perfect for the little guy! :o)

  3. WAR EAGLE!!!!! Those crazy Alabama fans will do anything for some attention! I was so upset when I heard about the tree at Tumors!! But this is a tradition that will never die,I love Auburn, with or without a tree!!! I love your card by the way!!! TFS

  4. I never will understand some people... *sigh* Loon indeed.

    What a great guy card! I think your wee grandson will very much appreciate it one day :)

  5. Tanya,
    This is a really cool card, I love how you embossed the football
    Now a follower

  6. What a super card - and just perfect for your football-loving grandson! I love the touch of embossing you've added to the football.
    What a shame about the tree. Some people have no sense and no morals.

  7. I am a Tide fan and would like to go on record and say...THAT WAS THE MOST DISPICABLE ACT OF VANDALISM, CRUELTY, and COWARDESS, I can imagine...over a simple football rivalry. In my opinion he needs to be sentenced to planting 8 trees every day for the next 10 years, in the period of time when it is not planting season he should have to prune, and water, and trim and study the life cycle of trees. Sell every possession he owns and donate it to the National Arbor Foundation. I would have expected behavior such as this from a juvenile with hormones going crazy. Not someone who "SHOULD" be mature.


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